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Just wanted to give you a quick update of what’s new on my site. Carolyn, my website designer, and I have been working fast and furiously to upload the following devotional products for your use before the end of the year:

DG101 – “Drawing Near to God” – a new 4-week Visual Devotional Guide featuring four Spiritual Landscapes including the desert, islands, gardens and shelters with daily Scripture readings, color photographs, reflections and ideas for application. Take a look on the “Devotional Products” page. It is available for $14 with shipping costs included.

“The Spiritual Life” – a FREE mind map that graphically depicts our inner & outer lives in the form of “roots” and “fruit” to help nurture our growth and healing through the cultivating of spiritual practices. It can be downloaded FREE as a PDF. Take a look on the “FREE Stuff” page.

“Standing at the Crossroads” – another FREE mind map that graphically depicts the process of personal discernment or decision making, based on biblical principles. This has always been a struggle for me so I started working on this in 1998 to help myself in the area of personal discernment. It also can be downloaded FREE as a PDF and is located on the “FREE Stuff” page.

“Building on the Rock” (coming soon) – this is my newest visual devotional guide that is in the pipeline. I am working with the Canton, Ohio, Habitat for Humanity agency to produce a 30 day visual devotional guide that can be used by their work crews on their new home sites to help them remain Christ-centered as they go about their work in constructing their clients’ new homes. Really exciting opportunity! This will be a sepia-toned (kind of a coffee-colored) visual devotional guide using a lot of my original black and white photos of buildings and architectural elements from my earlier and design architecture days. Hope to be ready for printing by May 2017.

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